Ten of UC Berkeley’s 35k students turn out for Guantanamo Bay hunger-strike protest

Katherine  Timpf
Reporter and Commentator at Fox News

Ten students, of the University of California - Berkeley’s 35,899 population, turned-out for a protest on Monday which was meant to show solidarity for prisoners at Guantanamo Bay who are currently holding a hunger strike.

Only ten students at UC Berkeley showed up for a planned protest against the military prison at Guantanamo Bay. PHOTO CREDIT: The Daily Cal

Activists at the rally wore orange jumpsuits and placed bags on their heads, according to local reports.

The protest was a project of the The World Can’t Wait, a New York-based movement which considers people including George W. Bush and Nancy Pelosi, as well as institutions including Chevron and the American Enterprise Institute, to be “suspected war criminals,” according to its War Criminal Watch website.

One organizer, Curt Wechsler told Campus Reform he was not disappointed that only 10 people turned out for the event.

“I’m pleased that ten people can do as much as they did,” he told Campus Reform in an interview on Tuesday. “We got out 350 fliers to students that normally don’t want to take fliers.”

The students also demanded Berkeley administrators fire law professor John Yoo, saying he is guilty of human rights abuses for his defense of the Bush administration’s interrogation policy when he served as deputy assistant attorney general. 

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Katherine  Timpf

Katherine Timpf

Reporter and Commentator at Fox News
Katherine Timpf is a former Campus Reform Reporter, having covered liberal bias and abuse across the country. She currently works for National Review and Fox News, where she regularly appears on hit programs such as Outnumbered, Fox and Friends, and The Greg Gutfeld Show. She is also a stand-up comic, and performs at venues throughout the country.
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