OPINION: 2013 commencement speaker lineup reveals intolerance rooted in America’s elite universities

This nation’s elite institutions of higher education often claim to fight on the frontlines in the battle for inclusion, tolerance and diversity.

A quick look at the Ivy League 2013 speaker lineup, however, reveals that their so-called diversity is a front for groupthink propagated by leftist administrators and faculty who run these schools.

A new study, reveals that Ivy Leagues schools did not invite a single conservative speaker for commencement ceremonies in 2013.

Instead seven of the elite schools opted to invite ideological liberal speakers such as media billionaire Oprah Winfrey, Vice President Joe Biden (D), Newark Mayor Cory Booker (D), Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I), among others.

The survey also found that 62 of the top 100 universities had liberal commencement speakers compared to 17 conservative commencement speakers. Late last month, Campus Reform revealed that President Obama’s White House even urged Cabinet members to push Obamacare during commencement speeches this spring.

Next year, these universities which loudly espouse for diversity and tolerance ought to begin to practice what they preach by inviting at least a few speakers who might not be in lockstep with the vast majority of students, faculty and administrators who are leftists. 

Gabriella Hoffman is a Regional Field Coordinator at The Leadership Institute where she is tasked with identifying, recruiting, and training young conservatives on college campuses. Follow her on Twitter: @Gabby_Hoffman

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