Feds award universities $19.5M to study climate change’s effect on cows

The U.S. Department of Agriculture awarded the University of Wisconsin (UW) and Oklahoma State University (OSU) a total of $19.5 million earlier this month to fund a study on the effects of climate change on beef and dairy cattle.

Universities received a $19.5 million grant to study the effects of climate change on cows.

The USDA decided to award the grant, “despite a time of significant budget uncertainty,” according to the announcement on Research.gov.

UW received $9.9 million to study dairy cattle, and OSU received $9.6 million to study beef cattle. The money will be distributed over a five-year time period.

The UW studies will focus on ways to protect dairy cattle farming from the environment, as well as how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The money will also go towards developing both high school and college curricula to teach students about the effects of climate change on the animals.

The University of Alabama, the University of Michigan, Tarleton State University, and Kansas State University, Cornell University, North Carolina A&T University, Pennsylvania State University and the University of Washington will also participate.

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