LGBT college group fights to add the rainbow gay pride flag to hall of international flags

A group of students and faculty at LaGuardia Community College (LGCC) are pushing administrators to add the LGBT rainbow flag to a hall on campus which houses international flags.

The LGBT community at LaGuardia Community College has advocated putting the LGBT flag alongside those of international countries in the Hall of Flags. Photo Credit: NY Daily News.

LGCC, a public school located on New York’s Long Island, is currently displaying the famous LGBT rainbow flag outside of the Hall of Flags in a glass display case, according to the New York Daily News.

A number of students and faculty, however, say the flag iconic rainbow flag ought to be housed along with the flags of sovereign countries.

Professor Richard Henry, in the education department, apparently started the campaign to demonstrate that the entire campus is a safe space for sexual minorities.

“Our mission statement is to help shape a rapidly and evolving society and I think that certainly a flag, the rainbow flag in the Hall of Flags is a symbol of that promotion of that ideal that we’re trying to live up to,” he told Campus Reform on Wednesday.

School spokesperson Randy Fader-Smith told Campus Reform in an email that no decision has so far been made on whether the flag will be moved but that a committee will be formed to make the decision.

“This decision will rest with a committee comprised of faculty, staff and students that will review this request when it convenes at the beginning of the school year,” said Randy Fader-Smith, associate director of public relations.  “Whatever the committee decides, the College is absolutely committed to maintaining a safe, open and positive environment for all GLBT students, staff and faculty. “

Shane Windmeyer, the executive director of LGBT campus advocacy group Campus Pride, told Campus Reform that getting the flag hung in the hall would be something a reward for steadfast LGBT students.

“We could spend all of our days arguing that what I think it comes down to is that these students are trying to create a safe place on their campus and sadly these issues of trying to get a flag hanging in a hallway are just icing on the cake for these students,” he said.

“They need to know does your campus have LGBT friendly policies and practices and I would guess that this campus does not because they have not participated in our larger index,” he added.

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