[VIDEO] University students unaware of scandal surrounding the NSA

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Students at George Mason University (GMU) appear to be oblivious to the recent scandal regarding the National Security Agency, according to a new YouTube video.

“Do you guys know about the NSA controversy,” asked Media Research Center (MRC) reporter Dan Joseph, to a handful of GMU students.

“No, I do not,” responded one student.

“What’s NSA stand for?” asked another.

Another asked if NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden was a “martial arts” expert who appeared in a recent movie.

WATCH: College students appear to be oblivious to NSA scandal

A few students did correctly identify Snowden as a former employee of the NSA, calling him a “spy” or noting he leaked documents regarding the agency to the press.

Almost every student, however, was able to identify with ease which celebrity recently had a baby.

“Do you know what celebrity had a baby this weekend?” asked Joseph.

“Yeah, it’s Kim Kardashian,” answered a student. 

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