[SHOCK VIDEO] Atheist rants, screams at Christian on Berkeley campus, accuses him of ‘racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, and homophobia’

A viral YouTube video shows a barefoot jogger on the UC Berkeley (CAL) campus deliver a ferocious rant against Christians and advocate for their immediate imprisonment.

“I’d be a lot freer if people like you were put in prison for the crimes of racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, and homophobia all you god bothers are war criminals liars and charlatans atheism forever,” screamed the unidentified jogger at a man peacefully displaying a Christian sign in CAL’s Sproul Plaza.

[WATCH] Jogger goes on rant against Christianity on UC Berkeley’s campus
EDITOR'S NOTE: Video contains mature content, profanity

The jogger apparently went on the rant after seeing a man in the plaza holding a sign that read “It’s easy to be an atheist when you don’t think about where everything came from.”

The jogger went on the bizarre rant in which he claimed Christianity was behind the Holocaust.

“Hitler was a Christian… he killed Jews because his non-existent God told him to,” he said.

The jogger then went on to proclaim that atheism is “apolitical,” God is “less real than Mickey f**king Mouse,” and that Christians invented the slave trade.

He also asserted “the only reason we allow you [Christians] to live is because we don’t stoop to your level.”

A crowd formed and some observers engaged the jogger to calm him down. Berkeley police arrived a few minutes later and approached the jogger about his behavior.

“I’m sick and tired of Christians being tolerated,” he asserted. “You need to do something about the Christians here, I don’t feel comfortable. This is a free speech zone, and I’m exercising my right to free speech by telling them the truth about Christianity and all organized religion.”

When officers told the jogger he needed to lower his voice to avoid disturbing university employees working in nearby buildings, the jogger accused police of violating his Constitutional rights.

“Then you are violating my free speech rights,” he shouted. “The constitution says nothing about tone of voice.”

“It is Christianity that has done everything bad in this country, every civil right that has been denied to minorities,” he continued.

One observer offered the jogger a hug but he refused insisting he was “too sweaty.”

Before abruptly leaving, the jogger left bystanders and police with a warning about the future.

“I am out of here if you are going to let this happen do not say I didn’t warn you,” he said. “Remember the Weimar Republic was gay fricking heaven, and look what came after it... Hitler.”

The nine-minute video titled “How Not to Defend Atheism” was published in late April, and currently has over 112,000 views at the time of publication.

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