[OPINION] University administrations should immediately fire ‘stomp Jesus’ professor

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) administrators betrayed their school’s mandate and motto last week with their shocking decision to reinstate an instructor who was suspended for telling his students to stomp on the name of Jesus Christ.

Of course tolerance and diversity are beyond bywords at public schools like FAU. In fact the FAU university motto ironically reads “We’re All Together Different.”

Liberal administrators and administrators at schools like FAU, however, seem unwilling to extend these lofty principles to anyone who does not believe and feel exactly as they do.

What could represent greater intolerance for a religious minority on campus than ordering students in a class to stomp on the name of their leader, Jesus Christ?

This is exactly what instructor Deandre Poole did earlier this year, having his students write the name “Jesus” on a piece of paper, drop it on the floor, and then trample it.

What steps do you think administrators would have taken had he ordered students to write Allah instead of Jesus? What if it had been a Star of David or a picture of President Obama?

It seems clear that administrators at FAU have little interest in extending “tolerance” and "togetherness" to those who are Christians.

“I understand this decision may not be popular with all members of the community,” said FAU Interim Dean Heather Coltman in a statement. “But it was based on months of thorough research and consideration.”

No matter his or her color or creed, every student at FAU should be outraged by this decision. In failing to protect the religious rights of one student group on campus, FAU administrators are failing all religious and nonreligious students

I call on FAU students to rise up with protests, letters to the president, and newspaper editorials and demand not only the immediate and permanent termination of instructor Deadre Pool but also for the suspension of FAU President Dennis J. Crudele who must take responsibly for his this shameful decision. 

Gabriella Hoffman is a Regional Field Coordinator at The Leadership Institute where she is tasked with identifying, recruiting, and training young conservatives on college campuses. Follow her on Twitter: @Gabby_Hoffman

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