OPINION: Learn about Trayvon Martin on your own damn dime

Campus Reform learned last week that George Mason University (GMU) in Fairfax, VA plans to offer a class on Trayvon Martin this fall.

Given GMU’s reputation as bastion for leftist thought, this class will no doubt be used to canonize the slain Florida youth while demonizing the now acquitted George Zimmerman. No doubt Professor Rutledge Dennis of the Sociology and Anthropology Department plans to tear apart the verdict, arrived at by 6-person jury, and press upon the way he understands the narrative from his perch in the ivory tower in Fairfax Station.

Of course I  could be wrong about this. Perhaps the good Professor Dennis intends to use this class as an example of what our justice system looks like when it works. Or maybe he wants to hold a calm discussion on how the heartbreaking tragedy of Trayvon Martin brought out the worst of the Americas left. I hope this is the case, but a quick look at the professor's body of work makes me fear this will not be the case.

Of course the school’s presentation of the course offers one real clue on its purpose. In the course description, Dennis, or whoever names classes at GMU, did not even bother to spell Trayvon’s name correctly, dubbing him “Trevon.”  I imagine a scenario where Dennis and a few other administrators are sitting around brainstorming for classes that will get them attention and settling on this terribly emotional incident as one way to attract students and wring a few more hard-earned bucks from them. Hearing the coins already fall into their piggy banks, they could not even take the time to spellcheck Trayvon’s name.

This of course is beyond disrespectful to the deceased and his family. No matter what you or I think about this case, it was a tragedy and should not to be used as ploy for money grubbing.

GMU administrators, faculty and Dennis ought to be ashamed not only for their incompetence, but for attempting to exploit the name of the dead for profit and greed. I call on GMU students who care about real education to boycott this class, and any class like it. 

Gabriella Hoffman is a Regional Field Coordinator at The Leadership Institute where she is tasked with identifying, recruiting, and training young conservatives on college campuses. Follow her on Twitter: @Gabby_Hoffman

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