WATCH: Students ridicule conservatives as ‘racist’ and ‘close-minded’ at annual ‘progress’ summit

A speaker led attendees to hurl insults at conservatives during a breakout session of the annual Generation Progress’ 2013 National Make Progress Summit in Washington D.C., on Wednesday.

Truman Institute Political Director Brad Elkins asked students what kind of words attendees would use to describe “those damn conservatives.”

The crowd replied shouting out a variety of answers: “close-minded,” “extreme," "racist," "selfish," and "backwards.”

Other participants chimed in shouting “old-fashioned," "idiotic," "contradictory," and "wealthy.”

Elkins then asked, “What do they stand for, what do they believe in?”

The crowd replied “money," "big business," "guns," and "the 1%.”

WATCH: Students describe conservatives as "extreme" and "racist"

Elkins determined these answers sufficed saying, “I think we get the picture here.”

He finished the session asking “Who do they have on their side?”

One person said “rich people” and another shouted “God.”

Elkins repeated “God” and sarcastically commented, “great” while the crowd burst into laughter.

The final responder said “corporations,” and Ekins finished saying “Okay, I think that’s really good.” 

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