WATCH: All students should be required to take a class on Trayvon Martin, say protesters

Protesters at a Rally for Justice in Washington D.C., on Saturday said students should be required to study Trayvon Martin from preschool onward.

“It should be offered at all universities and places of higher education,” said one protester.

Other protesters replied “that’s a great idea,” “absolutely,” and “that’s exciting.”

WATCH: Protesters claim all students should take class on Trayvon Martin

One student holding a sign saying “I am Trayvon Martin” said all should learn about the case because “we are all Trayvon Martin.”

On July 10, Campus Reform reported that George Mason University (GMU) plans to offer a three-credit course entitled “Race & Politics, Trevon [sic] Martin” on the slain Florida youth, Trayvon Martin, this fall.

News of the class was met with enthusiasm from a number of the protesters who were assembled Saturday afternoon outside the vigil in honor of Trayvon Martin at E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse in downtown Washington D.C.

“We have to start somewhere, not just at GMU, and I applaud them for that, but start in grade school. Start even in preschool, in kindergarten,” said another person involved in the March. “Even teach the babies.”

A mother said all public high schools in states that have Stand Your Ground Laws should offer the course.

Another protester asserted many 17-year old teenagers, like Martin, smoke pot and it’s “not a crime;” however, it is illegal under Florida law.

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