WATCH: Washington D.C. students urge Weiner to stay in mayoral race

A handful of George Washington University (GWU) students on Wednesday urged mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner to stay in the New York City race despite his confessions of maintaining tawdry online relationships with several young women outside of his marriage.

Students said Weiner should not drop out of the race because his personal decisions would not affect his ability to govern or lead.

"He’s human, it happens,” said one student.  

WATCH: Students have mixed reactions to Weiner's latest sexting scandal

“I don’t give a s--t,” said another.  

At least one student disagreed, however, saying  he would not feel comfortable with Weiner as NYC's mayor.

“He’s definitely not the type of person you’d want to represent New York," said the student. "It’s interfering with his job and if any other employee was doing that at work, they’d be fired.

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