POLL: Sixty-seven percent of Americans reject race-based college admissions

Campus Reform Reporter

Sixty-seven percent of Americans say race should not be a factor in determining who gets into what universities, according to a new Gallup poll released last week.

Among those 4,373 surveyed, 75 percent of Caucasians and 59 percent of Hispanics said they opposed race as a determining factor in the admissions process.

Forty-eight percent of African Americans, meanwhile, said they believed race ought to be considered while 44 percent said it should be excluded.

The poll, which was conducted between June 13,  and July 5, 2013, yielded somewhat bipartisan results, with 87 percent of Republicans and 53 percent of Democrats rejecting race-based admission standards.

In all, just 28% of all Americans surveyed across racial groups and political parties said they believed race should be a factor in college admission

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