Public school professor says all public colleges should be 'free'

Timothy Dionisopoulos
Former Reporter

All higher education should be completely free to students, a professor at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) wrote in a blog post Monday.

Dr. Kevin Lyles claimed all public colleges should be free in a post written on his personal blog this Monday.

Dr. Kevin Lyles, an associate professor in the UIC political science department, made the claim in a post on his personal blog titled “The Higher Education Bubble.”

“Higher education (in public universities) should be FREE," he wrote. "‘Free’ like public elementary and high schools that are financed mostly by the State via property taxes, etc."

“I am not referring to MOOCs (massive open online courses), I mean zero tuition for traditional face-to-face classroom higher education.  20k, 30k, even 40k a year at a public university does not make it ‘public,’" he continued. "It makes it ‘impossible’ for most.’” 

Although Lyles did not respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment, a Facebook status with a link to the post on his wall drew 23 comments by the time of publication.

“Instead of subsisting on the backs of the students, you just subsist on the backs of everyone else?" asked one commenter. "Perfect solution."

“Like the police, fire department, first responders, the military, etc.,” responded Lyles.

The UIC political science department did return a request for comment from Campus Reform. 

UIC’s media relations department also did not respond to Campus Reform’s requests for comment in time for publication. 

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Timothy Dionisopoulos

Timothy Dionisopoulos

Former Reporter
Tim Dionisopoulos is a former reporter for Campus Reform and communications editor in the Leadership Institute's Campus Leadership Program. Tim joined Campus Reform in the summer of 2011, and his stories were cited or re-posted on the Daily Mail, the Drudge Report, Fox News, and other national media outlets. Tim graduated in 2011 from Providence College in Rhode Island where he was politically active on campus and in the community.
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