WATCH: Minimum wage of $15 way too high, say students

The federal government should not raise minimum wage to $15 an hour, a group of students at Howard University (HU) in Washington D.C., told Campus Reform on Monday.

“I have a masters and I still wouldn’t get paid $15 for some jobs,” said one HU student, Sarah Mohamadly.

WATCH: Students speak out on $15 minimum wage

Another student, Janice Wilkerson, wondered why fast food workers should be paid $15 an hour without having to go through the trouble and expense of attending university.

“Why should fast food workers not even have to go to school and still make $15 an hour?” she asked.

A few students expressed anxieties about the repercussions a high minimum wage might have on the economy.

For example, Dia Bennett said she believed raising the minimum wage could lead to increases in the cost of living, causing a “double whammy.”

A few students, however, agreed with the protesters. For example, Victoria Walker said a $15 minimum wage is fair because, “the people that working in fast food are the people that are working the most in their jobs.”

Marcus Simpson said minimum wage should vary based upon a worker’s experience.

“It should start out at $18 and keep going up to $25 or $30,” he said.

The students were responding to a walkout staged by fast food workers in in seven cities on Monday in which workers demanded $15 an hour, improved benefits, and the right to unionize.

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