WATCH: GW forcing 3 years of on-campus housing is ‘sh*tty, underhanded move,’ students say

George Washington University (GW) students reacted negatively to GW’s new policy which mandates all students live in on-campus housing for eight semesters, calling it a “shitty, underhanded move.”

GW announced on July 15 that, beginning with the class of 2018, an extra two semesters will be added to the on-campus residential requirement. The idea was first proposed in 2011 as a way to boost revenue by $2.6 million, but it did not catch on until recently.

President of the GW Residence Hall Association, Kyle Webb explained the decision, saying it will “bring the GW residential community closer.”

However, students like Jared Horowitz disagreed with the administration’s positive spin on the new housing requirement saying, “that’s absurd, GW housing sucks.”

Frederick Egler admitted he would feel cheated and taken advantage of if the policy applied to his class.

“It seems like another way that GW is trying to take every penny that they can, which GW tends to do,” sophomore Danielle said.

WATCH: Students react to new GW policy which mandates students live on-campus for eight semesters

John Karlson added, “forcing students to live here for three years is a sh*tty, underhanded move.”

With the total cost of attending GW rapidly approaching $60,000 a year, some students are infuriated at the administration's decision, which could cost big bucks for those who previously would have opted for cheaper, off-campus housing.

Wyndhan Ferris said he was “bled dry for four years” by GW and this shows that “they’re going to keep doing it.”

Many students also expressed outrage for the new housing mandate in the comments section below the article announcing the decision in GW’s school newspaper, the Hatchet. An commenter, using the screenname “gw guy,” disagreed with Webb’s explanation, saying “This is absurd!” and “NO WAY does this make GW a more tight-knit community, this will simply polarize GW even more. Terrible decision.”

Another, with the username “gwsenior,” said, “as a student that works in housing...i agree this is BS.”

“Alumnus” declared that “It is officially time to give up hope for GW,” saying, “Most students understanding that GW is, above all else, a real estate company. This was a decision purely made from that narrow framework. It will have a devastatingly negative effect that will reverberate for decades.”

Finally, Ben Axelrod told Campus Reform that he just wishes the administration would have consulted the students on the matter because “there was absolutely none [student voice].”

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