WATCH: Dozens sign petition demanding university offer health care for pets

More than 100 individuals signed a petition outside the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C., on Tuesday demanding that the nearby University of Maryland provide healthcare coverage for pets of students, faculty and administrators.

WATCH: Individuals outside U.S. Capitol building demand university administrators cover students' pet's healthcare costs

“Everything that’s living and breathing needs to have health insurance,” said one signee of the petition. “Giraffes, animals, everything needs health insurance.”

The satirical petition, which was met with enthusiasm from more than 100 signees, was created for the purpose of the video. It proposed UMD administrators use student fees and taxpayer dollars to add “universal pet health insurance” to students’ health plan.

“The people for universal college institution pet coverage want to use student fees and public funds to offer aid to students who need help caring for their pets as an addition to the University of Maryland Student Health Plan,” it read.

While a handful of people refused to sign, most quickly agreed, hailing it as a great cause.

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