Catholic college to host controversial 'Femsex' workshop with 'C--t Coloring' and 'pleasure point'

A Catholic university in Wisconsin is set to host a controversial weekly “FemSex” workshop which is to include take-home activities such as “C--- Coloring” and the “pleasure point.”

The Femsex workshop will take place at Marquette University (MU) and according to its syllabus, themes will include “pleasure, health, gender, consent, boundaries, privilege, power, body image, communication, race, class, orgasms, masturbation, sex, kink, and sexual identities.”

The FemSex workshop which focuses on sexually explicit issues, drew the ire of Marquette alumnus last semester.

Other topics discussed will include “Female Health and Anatomy" where students will share “personal experiences around menstruation” and “assumptions around the uterus’s function.”

According to the Marquette Tribune the workshop was discontinued by the school last year after complaints from alumnus, students, and faculty that the content conflicted with the Catholic identity of the school. The school decided to begin the 12 week workshop again this year, however, starting Tuesday at 7 p.m. The program will be sponsored by the Marquette University Honors program.

"C--t coloring" is when you "color an anatomical picture from The Cunt Coloring Book," according to the curriculum. 

The title for the week 8 session is “Masturbation, Orgasm, and Pleasure” and will explore “the idea of self love and both negative and positive views of masturbation.”

The week 7 discussion titled “Sexuality and Spirituality” will “explore the ways spirituality, faith, and/or religion are oppressive, liberation, and/or neutral forces in our experiences of sexuality, gender, and identity.”

Other topics discussed in weekly discussions include the concept of “beauty,” “abortion,” and “transgender and gender-transgressive identities.”

Professor Amelia Zurcher, the director of MU’s honor’s program, defended the workshop on it’s academic merits.

“As an academic seminar, it needs an academic home on campus,” Zurcher said in an email to the Tribune. “I think an academic home for (FemSex) helps show its legitimacy to those who are less familiar with gender and sexuality studies and their place on campuses all over the country.”

An MU spokesperson did not respond to requests for comment from Campus Reform in time for publication.

According to the FemSex website for the University of California Berkeley, the seminar will also begin this fall at Brown University and Columbia University.

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