VIDEO: Students sign petition to send care packages to Syrian ‘Al Qaeda’ rebels

A number of college students signed a petition to provide care packages to Al Qaeda rebel fighters in Syria in a video published by a conservative group, The Clash Daily, on Sept. 10.

The female character, who identifies as “Liberal Chick” on her Facebook page, can be seen in the the five minute video circulating the petition which asks students at Broward Community College for their support of the rebels.

WATCH: Students sign petition to provide Al Qaeda Syrian rebels with care packages

In the parody video “Liberal Chick” approaches the students and asked them to sign a letter of support for the Syrian rebels informing them that the White House would provide one care package for each signature she collected.

“Al Qaeda is on our side now, after we killed Osama Bin Laden we made an alliance with them because Syria is trying to persecute them and everything now,” she explained to one student.

“Nice,” one student said. “The school just did something for the troops.”

“You’re taking signatures for that, I don’t think I’ll sign that,” said another student.

In the video “Liberal Chick” also claimed to have collected a whole page of signatures throughout the afternoon, and said the care packages would feature canned food, toothbrushes, and underwear.

Liberal Chick is described on her page as” right wingers worst nightmare,” and claims  “I'm helping liberals everywhere understand what they believe and exposing conservatives for who they are.”

A message sent to Liberal Chick asking for more details was not returned in time for publication.

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