VIDEO: 68 percent of ASU students would use Sugar Daddy, ask them to pay for “boobs, alcohol, condoms”

A recent poll of 900 Arizona State University (ASU) students revealed that 68 percent would use a “sugar daddy,” with an accompanying video of female students at ASU saying they would use their sugar daddy to help them purchase "alcohol," "condoms," and "boobs."

The poll was conducted by, a website which pairs primarily older, wealthier men, with younger, mostly female college students.

WATCH: ASU students would use a Sugar Daddy for “boobs, alcohol, and condoms”

The YouTube video published on September 7, from the account SugarDaddyDating, shows female students holding signs which state what they would ask for from a sugar daddy.

Aside condoms, alcohol, and breast enhancement surgery, a number of female students asked for help paying for "books," or "tuition", while others mentioned "travel," "shoes," "designer" clothing, and a "diamond."

ABC15 Phoenix reports that claimed 400 ASU students are currently on the website, an 82 person increase from the 318 students who were registered on the site this past January. 

The end of the video mentions that 44% of sugar babies are college students, and claims the average sugar baby receives $3,000 per month from their sugar daddy.

The video also encouraged female students to mention why they needed a sugar daddy on social media by using the hash tag #freetuition.

Brandon Wade, the founder and CEO of Seeking Arrangements, told ABC15 that his service helps students stay out of debt.

“The cost of tuition is rising at a faster rate than the median family income,” said Wade.

“This alone makes it harder for families to keep up with the cost of higher education, leaving students in charge of their financial futures ... Why bury yourself in loans that accrue interest if you don’t have to?"

A call to ASU’s media relations department by Campus Reform asking for comment was not returned in time for publication.

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