Catholic university pulls support for ‘FemSex’ 'c--t coloring' workshop

  • University will no longer provide faculty advisor
  • Themes to include orgasms, masturbation, sex, kink, and sexual identities
  • Workshop will continue without school's support

Reacting to national media attention, administrators at Marquette University (MU) in Wisconsin, have decided to pull their support of a sexually explicit “FemSex” workshop students had planned for the next 12 weeks of the semester.

Marquette pulled support of the “FemSex” workshop after media scrutiny last week.

Campus Reform reported last week that the on-campus workshop was to include erotic themes such as orgasms, masturbation, sex, kink, and sexual identities, according to its syllabus.

Brian Dorrington, school spokesman, told Campus Reform in email that school resources such as faculty supervision would no longer be deployed towards the workshop.

“Following a discussion with the program about academic sponsorship, including the requirement of faculty presence, the program chose not to continue sponsoring the Female Sexuality workshop,” read the email to Campus Reform.

Dorrington’s statement pointed out that while there were changes to the workshop made from a previous attempt to hold it on campus last spring, more changes were necessary to “align it with Catholic teaching.”

"We understand that our students engage in discussions on gender and sexuality, but when they happen as part of a university-sponsored event, we must address these topics in the context of our Catholic faith,” the statement added.

According the syllabus the workshop was also to include activities such as “c—t coloring,” and the “pleasure point,” and lectures on the “orgasm” and “menstruation.”

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