Student legislation demands admin at public university identify sex offenders on campus

The California State University - Fresno (Fresno State) student government is set to review a bill Wednesday night which, if passed, would demand that university officials publicly disclose information about registered sex offenders on its campus.

“The presence of registered sex offenders on campus interferes with the higher educational pursuits of law abiding citizens-especially those whom have themselves become victims of a sex crime,” the bill states.

"A new law would force sex offenders to register on campus."   

A new law would force sex offenders to register on campus.

The bill calls for university administrators to post announcements around campus, inform students in a class with a convicted sex offender, and create a public registry page on the official school website.

The bill also has a provision that would force the school to inform the parents of students who attend a high school and preschool based on Fresno State’s grounds.

Madera County Sheriff John Anderson has written a letter in support of the legislation.

Student government Senator Neil O’Brien, the author of the legislation, told Campus Reform through an email last Wednesday that he believes the legislation is necessary to protect students on campus.

"The presence of registered and convicted sex offenders at Fresno State and other universities across the CSU is a real problem because this jeopardizes student safety,” he said.

Fresno State spokeswoman Kathleen Schock told Campus Reform last Tuesday “we are here to support them [ASI] but we don’t have any purvey.”

Shock told Campus Reform the university does not have any other position until the bill is decided.

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