Report: Utah football players mock Mormon baptism in a video

  • The video shows football players dunking one another in a cool-down tub
  • Player claims in tweet the mock baptism was a 'dare'
  • The university has not charged the athletes with any disciplinary violations

A video has emerged of University of Utah (U of U) football players performing what appeared to be a mock baptism during the run up to a game with their rival, the Mormon school Brigham Young University (BYU).

The August 23 video shows one athlete dunking another in a cool-down tub in a fashion that appears to intentionally mimic a Baptism.

The video was posted to Instagram on August 23 by U of U running back Lucky Radley, according to a local newspaper, the Daily Herald. It was deleted on September 17 or 18 — but re-posted onto YouTube Tuesday.

The original video was titled “baptized in the name of LGI,” according to Salt Lake City’s Fox News affiliate.

WATCH: University of Utah athletes perform mock baptism

U of U’s head football coach, Kyle Whittingham, confirmed that it was his players in the video, but insisted that they meant no harm.

“We have addressed this issue with our players, and although is was in poor judgement on their part, there was absolutely no malice or disrespect intended towards any particular religion or rite,” he said, according to a local publication, the Daily Herald.

Jake Murphy, a player apparently involved in making the video also explained over Twitter that no offense was intended.

“The past tweets were put together by myself and Trevor Reilly, two active LDS members and returned missionaries,” Murphy tweeted.

“Not intended to offend any religion, it was a dare to see if the player would go all the way under the water in the ice tub,” he added.

There appears to have been no disciplinary action taken towards the players by the university since the incident.

The university did not provide comment to Campus Reform by the time of publication.

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