'Porn Prof' charged with DUI after crashing car, retains professorship

  • College admins learned of Schwyzer's accident through his blog
  • 'Under the influence of 60 mg of klonopin'
  • Victim was airlifted to the hospital

The professor, Hugo Schwyzer, gained notoriety for his viral Twitter rants, sleeping with his female students and inviting porn stars to lecture in his classroom.   

Pasadena City College’s (PCC) now infamous ‘porn prof,’ Hugo Schwyzer, was arrested on DUI charges last Friday after he apparently struck another vehicle, severely injuring one of its occupants, causing her to be airlifted to a local hospital, according to police accounts published in a local publication.

The professor, Hugo Schwyzer, gained notoriety for his viral Twitter rants, sleeping with his female students, and inviting porn stars to lecture in his classroom.

In a statement to Campus Reform, PCC administrators seemed to acknowledge Schwyzer’s continued employment at the school but said they had learned of the professor's latest legal woes from his blog.

We are “aware that Dr. Schwyzer was involved in a serious automobile accident last Friday, because he posted a blog entry about it on Monday, September 30,” wrote the administrator. “However, Dr. Schwyzer has not informed us about the accident and, beyond what he posted online, we have no information about the matter."

That statement was in apparent reference to the professor’s Monday blog post stating he was “under the influence of 6 milligrams of Klonopin” at the time of the crash.

He also wrote, “I am at this time reluctant to allow a lawyer to plea bargain anything down. When a man drives under the influence and hurts someone, he should pay the penalty.”

Schwyzer’s arrest also included special charges related to injuring another person over the injury of a young women who was air-lifted from the scene of the accident, San Benito County Sheriff’s Department told a local publication, Pasadena Now.

According to the same source, Schwyzer is now out on bail and scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 5.

Schwyzer later took down that blog post, noting on his Facebook profile that he had removed it for legal reasons. He also used Facebook to seek recommendations for criminal defense attorneys for his upcoming trial, The Star-News reported.

The professor initially came under fire earlier this year for his “Navigating Pornography” class, in which he invited several porn stars to speak to the class.  He also admitted just last month on his blog to sleeping with multiple students.

According to Pasadena Now, Schwyzer stated he is struggling with a mental illness and has been hospitalized five times this summer.  He also stated that starting Jan. 1 he plans to go on disability and will not teach at PCC, or any other school again in the future.

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