Yeshiva University hires convicted sex offender to teach Hebrew classes

  • Akiva Roth, 42, was convicted in 1997 on sexual assault charges
  • University officials looking into matter

Yeshiva University’s newest Hebrew professor is a convicted sex-felon, The Village Voice reports.  

Akiva Roth, 42, who was convicted in 1997 on sexual assault charges consisting of four counts of lewdness, and exposing himself to young male students, is already teaching Hebrew this semester at YU.

According to court records, acquired by the Jewish Daily Forward,  Roth was arrested in 1996 for exposing himself to 11- and 12-year-old boys in his private bar mitzvah classes. He encouraged the boys to do the same, according the to the records.

In March 1997, Roth was sentenced to 10 years probation, after pleading guilty to all charges.  

He also received a sharp rebuke from New Jersey Judge Barnett Hoffman, who said Roth displayed a “lack of appreciation for the wrongfulness of his conduct.”

Yeshiva University, meanwhile, says it is looking in to the matter.

“Although we cannot comment on the details of this particular case, as it involves a personnel issue, we will continue to review this matter,” said a statement, released by the school.

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