'Porn prof' resigns professorship

Hugo Schwyzer, the infamous ‘porn professor’ from Pasadena City College (PCC), resigned his position as a history instructor on Wednesday.

Schwyzer blogged about the resignation in a post on his personal blog and university administrators also confirmed the resignation, according to a local publication, the San Francisco Gate.

"Pasadena City College has accepted Dr Hugo Schwyzer’s resignation," read the school's statement. "This brings to a conclusion all matters relating to Dr Schwyzer’s employment at PCC."

Schwyzer gained national notoriety over the summer for inviting porn stars to his class, admitting to sleeping with multiple female students, and his viral Twitter and Facebook rants.

He was recently arrested on D.U.I. charges last Friday and admitted to being under the influence of other medication when he struck another vehicle, grievously wounding its female occupant. 

The Gate also reported that PCC will not investigate Schwyzer’s sexual conduct with female students any further.

Read more at the San Francisco Gate...

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