OPINION VIDEO: Students demand a refund for broken Obamacare website

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  • HealthCare.gov cost taxpayers over $400 million
  • In video, students demand refund
  • How much did the government spend on the development of the HealthCare.gov insurance exchange website?

    Students at Colorado State University guessed the tab was anywhere between a measly $25 to a whopping $1 million.

    If the government can’t get a $400,000,000 website to work, what makes anyone think they’ll be able to deliver on their healthcare promises?   

    When the real cost of around $400 million were revealed, students demanded a refund.

    WATCH: Students want refund for HealthCare.gov

    Reported costs for the development of HealthCare.gov have varied. CGI Federal, a subsidiary of the Canadian firm CGI Group, won a $93.7 million contract to build the health insurance exchange website in 2011.

    At least 55 contractors were hired to work on the site which has encountered a myriad of technical glitches.

    Initial reports incorrectly approximated HealthCare.gov cost upwards of $634 million. Current reports estimate HealthCare.gov development costs exceeded $400 million. 

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