Pigs are smarter than 3-year old human children, PETA tells students

  • 'FACT: PIGS ARE SMARTER THAN YOUR CHILDREN' banner posted on campus
  • PETA official says it's 'scientific fact' pigs are smarter than children
  • Animal rights group wants to 'elevate value of pigs'

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)has a message for college students at Northwest Missouri State University and other school’s around the nation:

“FACT: PIGS ARE SMARTER THAN YOUR CHILDREN,” read a giant banner PETA placed on the school’s campus earlier this month.

Ryan Huling, PETA’s Associate Director of International Youth Outreach, explained to Campus Reform that his organization’s view of pigs vs. humans is not based on the love of the porcine creatures but on scientific fact.

“Just to be clear, it wasn’t so much PETA claiming that, I mean, that’s a scientific fact,” he told Campus Reform late last week.

“Pigs are as intelligent as the cats or dogs who share our homes, often times much more so,” he said. “Their intelligence level and that their ability to recognize faces and remember information; it has been compared to the ability of a three-year old human child.”

Huling said his organization's point was not to denigrate the value of human children, but rather to elevate the value of pigs.

“That’s not to lower the intelligence or value of a human child as much as to recognize that these animals have value on their own,” he said. “[W]e should recognize that pigs also, scientifically speaking, have personalities, they have intelligence and that we should treat them that way.”

Northwest Advocates for Animal Awareness, a student organization, partnered with PETA and brought them to campus.

Vegan food samples were offered as educational material on how to avoid the consumption of beef, swine, fish, and fowl of the air.  

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H/T: The Maryville Daily Forum

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