Transgender student seeks $2,000 to start 'fraority'

Katherine  Timpf
Reporter and Commentator at Fox News

  • Student has raised $530 so far
  • Money will go toward starting a 'gender-neutral, all-inclusive fraority'
  • Vincent has received $530 in donations so far.

    A transgender student at Chapman University is seeking $2,000 to start a gender-neutral "fraority." 

    Addie Vincent told gay and lesbian website that she had hoped to become the first transgender woman to be initiated into a sorority at Chapman, but was cut from the process two days into rush.

    After she was cut, she decided to start a chapter of Theta Pi Sigma, a "gender-neutral, all-inclusive fraority."

    "The frarority will be open to students of all background, including: gender, sex, gender expression, and sexual orientation, with a colonization goal of Spring 2014," states projectqueer, a gay and lesbian news source.  

    Vincent is seeking donations for the group on

    Vincent is also the founder of FeminisTotes, handbangs with feminist sayings, such as "There's no room in this bag for your patriarchal shit," according to

    Women who donate more than $50 to the fraority will receive a free FeminisTote.

    The GoFundMe account has raised $530 so far.

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    Katherine  Timpf

    Katherine Timpf

    Reporter and Commentator at Fox News
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