GWU misrepresented admissions and financial aid policy

Campus Reform Reporter

  • University policy wait-listed students based on their ability to pay tuition
  • George Washington University has been misrepresenting its admission policy for years, the GW local school newspaper The Hatchet reports. According to the paper, the school went from claiming to run a “need-blind” admissions policy to clarifying they have a “need-aware” one.

    A “need-blind” admissions policy does not take financial aid requests into account in admission decisions.  In contrast, the “need-aware” policy actually enforced by the university was wait-listing some students based on their ability to pay full tuition.  

    More wealthy students who would have ended up on the waiting list who could afford full tuition were admitted ahead of those who could afford to pay less tuition up-front.

    The key issue here is that the school was still claiming to be “need-blind,” as recently as an information session on Saturday for prospective students, when this is clearly not the case.

    Earlier today, the university issued a statement clarifying their admissions policy as a “need-aware” one, and defending its’ potential negative effect on the admission process.

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