Featured Content: Class on conservatism offered at the University of Texas

Students at the University of Texas at Austin can earn class credit for learning about conservatism in a new class, Contemporary Conservative Philosophy (PHL327). 


Based on the Leadership Institute's Conservatism 101 program, the class will teach students about the roots of the conservative tradition through recent works in philosophy, including not only political and moral philosophy, but also epistemology, aesthetics, and metaphysics -- written from within the Anglo-American conservative movement of the 20th century.


According to the class syllabus, students will cover topics such as the defense of tradition and traditional order, the value of individual liberty, the free market,  the limitation of the arbitrary power of the state, and the rejection of utopianism and the myth of progress.


 The Contemporary Conservative Philosophy (PHL 327) class meets twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30am-11:00am).  Students can obtain three credit hours for completing the class.  There are currently 30 students registered for the class, with a few unofficial visitors in attendance.


Recently, Free Think University partnered with the Leadership Institute to produce original course content for the Conservatism 101 program available online for free. For more information about the Conservatism 101 courses, go to Free Think University.


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