Former FBI fugitive speaks at Oregon State University

Katherine Ann Power, a former left-wing radical and ex-fugitive involved in a 1970’s bank heist which left a Boston police officer dead, spoke at Oregon State University last Thursday.

The speech, titled “Surrender: Guerilla to Grandmother,” was hosted by the school’s Peace Studies program and featured Power discussing life on the run as detailed in her new book “Surrender,” the Daily Caller reports.

According to a description on OSU’s website, Power was the driver in a bank heist in 1970 with other radicals while a student at Brandeis University.

The group planned to use the stolen money to purchase bombs and weapons for the Black Panthers.

While on the run, Power moved to Oregon and adopted the name Alice Metzinger, married, and had a son.

In 1993, she then surrendered to authorities, after becoming tired of living life as a fugitive. Power pleaded guilty to two counts of armed robbery and manslaughter, receiving a six-year prison sentence, and was released in 1999.

After her release, Power returned to Oregon, where she completed a master’s degree at Oregon State University in interdisciplinary studies, and taught English as an instructor, according to OSU’s website.

As part of her probationary stipulations, Power was not allowed to openly discuss her experience as a fugitive until this year.

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