Brown U. forms committee to investigate protest of NYC police chief

Campus Reform Reporter

Participants last week's protest at Brown University against New York City (NYC) Police Chief Ray Kelly. Protesters critical of NYC's 'stop and frisk policy' interrupted the event and prevented Kelly from completing his speech.

Brown University President Christina Paxson announced in an official letter yesterday the school will formally investigate the actions of protesters who interrupted an on-campus speech by New York City Chief of Police Ray Kelly last week.

Paxson stated in the letter she will create a committee to review the actions of the protesters which will be composed of five faculty members, two undergraduate students, one graduate student, and will be supported by staff from the Offices of Student Life and General Counsel.

“Impeding the flow of ideas undermines Brown’s ability to fulfill its mission. Making an exception to the principle of open expression jeopardizes the right of every person on this campus to speak freely and engage in open discussion,” wrote Paxson.

“We must develop and adhere to norms of behavior that recognize the value of protest and acknowledge the imperative of the free exchange of ideas within a university,” she added.

Paxson said the committee will have two missions, the first is to investigate how such a protest could have occurred, and the second, to investigate campus climate for inclusiveness and free expression.

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