Fresno State passes revised resolution that discloses info about on-campus sex offenders

On Wednesday evening the Associated Students Inc. (ASI) at the California State University, Fresno (Fresno State), voted 13-1 to pass a revised resolution which discloses information about registered sex offenders on campus.

The Collegian, a student newspaper, reported that the resolution requires campus police to email students if a sex offender is enrolled in their class, living in their campus housing unit, or involved in a university sponsored organization.

The resolution also provides instructions to students on how to obtain information on sex offenders from campus police.

ASI Senator Neil O’Brien, the resolution's sponsor, told Campus Reform in a message earlier today that this resolution creates a safer campus.

"This policy ensures that those students most likely to come in contact with a sex offender on campus will be vigilant and proactive in their own safety while guaranteeing that all students will be provided the most comfortable learning environment for them," he wrote.

While non-binding, O'Brien told The Collegian he is hopeful administrators will implement the resolution as part of school policy.

“Now, it’s in the administration and faculty’s hands,” O’Brien said. “The ball is in their court, and I really hope that they adopt this resolution.”

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