VIDEO: Kerfuffle at Furman as students claim administrators tried to seize their anti-Jesse Jackson fliers

A group of conservative students at Furman University (FU) say administrators tried to confiscate fliers they made in protest of Rev. Jesse Jackson’s appearance at the school late last month, and have released a secret video which they say substantiates that claim.

School administrators, meanwhile, adamantly denied the charges, in a statement to Campus Reform, saying an internal investigation showed that no one’s rights had been violated.

[WATCH] Administrator confronts student passing out fliers at Jesse Jackson event

The fliers, which the conservative group, led by student Lauren Cooley, were distributing outside the speech, were designed to look like normal programs, but instead of a schedule of events, the leaflets included several of the many controversial statements Jackson has made over his career as an activist.

A video taken by students outside the event appears to show FU Special Events Coordinator Gayle Warth, attempting to confiscate the fliers from a student who was handing them to attendees outside the event.

In the video the student appeared to refuse to give Warth the fliers, citing his right to free speech and Warth appeared to threaten confiscation.

Warth has not responded to a request for comment from Campus Reform but FU spokesman Vince Moore told Campus Reform in a statement that no fliers were confiscated.

“Furman is satisfied that no one was prevented from expressing their opinions,” said Moore. “To our knowledge no administrator confiscated materials from those distributing them.

“Student ushers at the inner door to the seating area, however, did inform attendees that they had not been given the official program outside the auditorium, and offered them an official one,” he continued. “We know of cases where patrons returned the protest programs for an official one, and cases where they kept both.”

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