Al Jazeera runs expose on University of Kansas boozing, hookup culture

Administrators at the University of Kansas (KU) have condemned a group of students who appeared in an Al Jazeera television special last week partying, drinking, and giving graphic details on the school's hookup culture. 

"Unfortunately, this small group went on camera to demonstrate their dangerous drinking and attitudes toward sexual consent," Tammara Durham, the KU vice provost for student affairs told a local television station.

In the special titled, "What role does college partying play in sexual assault?" an Al Jazeera reporter and camera crew followed a group of KU students around campus houses and parties. 

At least one of the students involved in the story, meanwhile,  has claimed their responses were taken out of context and that they were misled by the Al Jazeera team. 

"We were absolutely under false impressions on what the video was going to be about," said Arthur, a student involved in the story, told KCTV5 in an interview last Thursday.

"By no means do I think sexual assault is a funny topic. I've had friends that have been victims of things like that. I think it's absolutely disgusting. If I could take back the comments that were said or at least change them in a way I would've expressed them in a sober manner, I absolutely would," Arthur added.

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