Bruce Springsteen Theology Class offered in Rutgers University freshman seminar

A new class examining 40 years of Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics will be offered at Rutgers University (RU) in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

RU will be focusing the study of the class towards the singer’s fondness for Biblical allusions in his lyrics, which most fans of Springsteen are well aware of.

According to Rolling Stone Music, the class will cover Springsteen’s entire discography, from the 1970’s through his hit Wrecking Ball released just last year.

Azzan Yadin-Israel, the course professor and an associate professor of Jewish studies and classics, usually teaches on early rabbinic literature, but has been a fan of Springsteen since he was in middle school.

Springsteen-based courses have been offered in the past by other universities, such as a sociology class at Princeton and a history course on Springsteen and the working class experience in America at the University of Rochester, as noted by Time magazine.

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