Should these Gonzaga students be expelled for having weapons in their apartment?

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  • Students face expulsion after retrieving gun to prevent break-in
  • Gonzaga security forcefully confiscated guns during 2 a.m. raid
  • As a homeless man violently demanded money and attempted to enter the apartment of two students at Gonzaga University one of the students returned with a gun. Now the university seniors are facing possible expulsion.

    The Daily Caller reports that administrators found seniors Erik Fagan and Daniel McIntosh in violation of the university's anti-gun policy outlawing firearms in all university-owned buildings.

    McIntosh, who has a concealed weapons permit for his gun, explained that he retrieved the firearm after a homeless man became quarrelsome and tried break into the the student's apartment.

    Fagan and McIntosh called Spokane police and university security after the altercation. Around 2 a.m. Gonzaga security entered the students’ apartment, "loudly beat on their bedroom doors" and forcefully confiscated McIntosh's hunting shotgun and Glock 10-mm. 

    A student conduct board has found the two students in violation of the anti-gun policy but action has yet to be taken.

    Gonzaga President Thayne McCulloh has promised a “thoughtful evaluation” of the university's blanket anti-gun policy.

    Read more at The Daily Caller and tell us what you think of the incident.