VIDEO: GOP state senator slams university for giving ‘paid vacation’ to prof who called for murder of NRA member’s kids

  • 'Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters' he tweeted, referring to the Navy Yard Shooting in Washington DC
  • State Senator Greg Smith claims the school gave Guth a 'paid vacation' after suspending him for the comments

A Kansas state senator slammed the University of Kansas (KU) administration at an on-campus gun forum Thursday night, for giving what he termed a "paid vacation" to a professor who tweeted that he wished for the murder of NRA member's children.

David Guth, a KU journalism professor, tweeted late in September that the  “blood is on the hands of the #NRA,” in reference to the Navy Yard shooting. He added “next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters.”

[WATCH] Senator slams school for giving 'paid vacation' to prof who wished for murder of NRA member’s kids

Senator Greg Smith (R-21), an NRA member and former police officer whose daughter was murdered, said this issue was “personal” to an audience at a gun forum hosted on-campus by the KU Young Americans for Liberty chapter.

“He’s been censured before for threatening behavior on campus to a colleague and now to me he has demonstrated a pattern of behavior that shows that he is an individual that will threaten people and possibly cause harm,” said Smith.

“I was extremely disappointed in the fact that he got basically a paid vacation and they’re going to let him go back to work,” he added.

Campus Reform reported that although Guth was indefinitely suspended, at first, for his comments, he was back to work in October, assisting in administrative duties.

Smith said that he’s received numerous emails in regards to Guth’s comments from KU alums who said they will no longer be donating to the school.

He added he’s going “to look very closely at any budget issues” related to the university in the future to “see where the money is going.”

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