Public college sees increase in illegal immigrant enrollment after providing in-state tuition

Colorado Mountain College (CMC) has seen an increased enrollment among illegal immigrants after the passage of a state law which allows them to receive in-state tuition, Campus Reform has learned.

CMC, a public community college with eleven different campuses in western Colorado, has enrolled 148 students who are in the country illegally, reported the Aspen Daily News late last week.

Of that number, 97 were newly enrolled, while 51 were previously enrolled but were paying out of state tuition.

Governor Jim Hickenlooper signed the Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow (ASSET) bill into law this past April which changed state policy to allow illegal immigrants to receive in-state tuition if they met certain requirements.

According to the official ASSET website, students are eligible if they spent three years at a Colorado high school, graduated or obtained a general equivalency diploma, and have applied to become a legal citizen.

“What I was paying for one college credit I’m now paying for the whole semester,” Kenia Pinela, a student participating in the program, told the Daily News.

The Daily News estimated that students participating in the program at CMC will save between $12,000-$14,000 on their tuition bill for a two year degree.

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