Prof: Speech codes bigger threat than guns on campus

  • Conservative pundit Dr. Mike Adams of UNC-Wilmington made claim in op-ed.
  • Adams said 'speech codes are a far greater threat to free speech than handguns.'
  • North Carolina recently changed law to allow guns stored in cars on campus.

A professor of sociology and criminology at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington (UNCW) claimed free speech zones are more dangerous than allowing guns on campus, in an op-ed published earlier today.

Dr. Mike Adams, a conservative author and pundit, made the claim in an op-ed published on Town Hall titled “Ok Let’s Have Open Carry on Campus.”

“Speech codes are a far greater threat to free speech than handguns,” wrote Adams. “The reason for that is simple. No one thinks he'll be shot by a gun toting conservative just for expressing a liberal idea. But many people fear being prosecuted by a speech code toting liberal just for expressing a conservative idea.”

The op-ed comes on the heels of a recent change in North Carolina law which allows concealed weapons permit holders to store fire arms in their vehicles on campus.

Adams criticized UNCW’s speech code which “warns students to refrain from using any words that might be deemed ‘disrespectful’ or ‘uncivil.’”

He wrote that the problem is “exacerbated by intolerant leftist professors who actually think these speech codes trump the constitutional rights of college students.”

The professor also disputed arguments against campus carry and advocated lifting campus gun bans and allowing open carry on public college campuses to concealed weapons permit holders.

“The reality of this is that replacing 'respect compacts' and other speech codes with guns would increase respect and civility in more ways than one. Both censorship and crime would decline precipitously,” he concluded.

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Editor's note: The author of this story hosted Dr. Adams for a speech at Providence College in spring, 2010. Adam's sometimes serves as guest faculty for the Leadership Institute, which owns Campus Reform.

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