University may begin ‘monitoring’ underage students who sleep on campus

Katherine Timpf
Former Reporter

  • New policy would require minors to be accompanied by adults while on campus.
  • Minors spending the night with friends would be monitored.
  • Central Michigan University (CMU) is drafting a policy which would require anyone below the age of 18 to be accompanied by a chaperone while on campus.

    CMU spokesman Steve Smith told Campus Reform in an interview on Thursday that while there would be an exception allowing minors in a dual-enrollment program to attend their classes, they would not be allowed to stay the night there without a chaperone.

    Smith said that if someone younger than 18 wanted to stay the night with a friend on campus, the school “would provide counselors or the type of personnel that would be monitoring.”

    Full-time students younger than 18 would not need a chaperone to sleep on campus.

    Smith said he did not know whether or not school officials would be asking for identification of those on campus to determine their age, or what action would be taken against minors caught breaking the rule.

    “I haven’t really read the whole policy,” he said.

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    Katherine Timpf

    Katherine Timpf

    Former Reporter
    Katherine Timpf is a former reporter for Campus Reform. Kat currently works for National Review and Fox News, where she regularly appears on hit programs such as Outnumbered, Fox and Friends, and The Greg Gutfeld Show. She is also a stand-up comic, and performs at venues throughout the country.
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