‘Walk of Shame Shuttle’ to offer riders chance to air confessions on national TV

  • Kellyann Wargo created the service after picking up her friends from their wild nights out.
  • VH1 noticed the YouTube video she created to promote the service and is now prepping a series based on the concept.

University of Michigan (UM) students no longer have to endure the “walk of shame,” plodding back to their own dwelling after romantically spend the night at their lover’s dorm abode. Now, they can hitch a quick ride and end up on national TV to boot.

UM alumna Kellyann Wargo has created a new type of public service by offering rides to students who want to avoid the embarrassing hike back to their rooms. For $5, Wargo has been giving lifts to customers, supplemented by a water bottle and a high five.

What first started as a complimentary service for her friends while still an undergrad quickly turned into a profitable business venture. She would pick up between 2-6 people daily from Friday to Sunday.

“To a college student any money is good money, but I wasn’t making enough to pull a Mark Zuckerberg,” Wargo said.

Her service went viral after she created a YouTube video to promote her new business. The video has been watched 311,000 times, and was noticed by VH1.

The premise of the show revolves around the customer informing the driver about their wild night before and asking for personal advice. While the business idea originated with Wargo in Ann Arbor, VH1 is expanding the concept to Los Angeles, Miami and Boston as well to bolster interest in the show.

“Obviously everyone has experience partying a little too hard in college, [the show] felt like something our viewers would really relate to,” the Executive Vice President of Original Programming and Production for VH1, Susan Levison, said, noting that the show “felt like a really authentic VH1 play on a show like Taxicab Confessions.”

The show will likely air sometime later this year.

Via MLive.

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