Student eats 100 Chipotle burritos for fraternity brother with cancer

Maggie Lit
Digital Media Producer at LifeZette

  • Gallo finished off his 100th burrito in late August, but his GoFundMe campaign is still open.
  • Photo via Elite Daily YouTube video.

    Joe Gallo, a recent graduate of Bowling Green State University, learned that his fraternity brother from Pi Kappa Alpha, Bret Grund, had been diagnosed with stage IV glioma, a type of brain cancer.

    To help out, Gallo decided to start a GoFundMe campaign where he must eat a Chipotle burrito a day for 100 days straight.

    "I came up with the idea to build awareness for Brett's situation and use it as a way to help raise funds for him," said Gallo in his video. "Instead of doing a 5k, I'm eating 100 days of burritos."

    WATCH: Joe Gallo explains his GoFundMe campaign

    Gallo started the campaign on May 21st and has raised $3,000 for his fraternity brother. He documented his burrito journey on Instagram through videos and pictures at #100DaysForGrundFund.

    “What I have to say to millennials who are looking to get the word out about a cause...step out of the norm, be creative,” said Gallo.

    Gallo finished off his 100th burrito on August 29th in Ainsworth Park in Manhattan during a fundraiser hosted by Elite Daily, where he received cheers of encouragement from friends and family.

    GoFundMe is still accepting donations to help Gallo raise his goal of $10,000. A previous GoFundMe campaign for Gallo’s fraternity brother raised over $9,000.

    Via Elite Daily.

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    Maggie Lit

    Maggie Lit

    Digital Media Producer at LifeZette
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