Sexual Indoctrination at Lutheran College's Freshmen Orientation Caught on Tape

The freshman orientation activities  that incoming students at Gustavus Adolphus College participate in were caught on camera by a student attending the seminars.  According to the student with the camera, Phil Cleary, “the seminars filmed featured a series of skits with sexually explicit scenes and patently vulgar language.”

The first video, from a seminar titled the “Inside Scoop” (a "must see" event according to the orientation schedule), features a series of sexually suggestive skits explaining to incoming students such things as where to get free condoms on campus, how to signal to your roommate that you are busy having sex (so he waits until later to come in), and how to tell your roommate you're gay (as well as the appropriate response you ought take when receiving such information).

The second video is from a seminar titled “E Pluribus Gustavus” ("an annual campus-wide diversity initiative for new students to discuss transition and difference in lifestyles, social issues and environmental changes").

This second event goes a bit further than the first, educating students about distinctions between gender and sex (as well as how to celebrate "LGPBBTTQ&A"), testimonies from gay, lesbian, and atheist students, and a call censor the content of speech after screaming cuss words at students in the dark.

Cleary commented, “This is propaganda that one might expect be taught in a Gender and Sexuality course at a secular, state institution. However, Gustavus is a Lutheran school in southern Minnesota founded by Swedish immigrants in the 1800’s, and these shameful seminars are presented during the first few hours and days that students are on campus before classes even begin.”

A book published by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) alerts young people to be aware of the “use of coercive tactics that violate the individual rights of students to formulate their own beliefs” during orientation programs on College campuses.  Also discussed in FIRE’s Guide to First-Year Orientation and Thought Reform on Campus is “diversity training that aims to intimidate students into abandoning deeply held beliefs so that they will adopt the university’s preferred political stance.”

More details and the videos can be viewed at the following links:

Gustavus Adolphus College is a church-related, residential liberal arts college firmly rooted in its Swedish and Lutheran heritage that aspires to be a community of persons from diverse backgrounds who respect and affirm the dignity of all people and is a community where a mature understanding of the Christian faith and lives of service are nurtured and students are encouraged to work toward a just and peaceful world.

Gusties Restoring America is an independent, non-partisan student group at Gustavus whose mission is to promote the conservative worldview and its principles in the community at Gustavus Adolphus College.

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