VIDEO: The WORST Democrat video you will ever see

Caleb Bonham
Editor-in-chief Emeritus

  • The video, produced by the Mount Holyoke College Democrats, was shot almost entirely in portrait style.
  • The performers dance with a "Ready for Hillary" sign and a sign for Ed Markey, the Democratic senator of Massachusetts.
  • At times, the performers wear yellow caution tape, presumably a reference to Lady Gaga's 2010 hit "Telephone."
  • Prepare yourselves: you will never un-hear the Mount Holyoke College Democrats butchering a quasi-remix of Lady GaGa's "Applause."

    "I stand here waiting for you to knock the door/Conversing with the voters we advocate for something more."

    Other brain-busting lyrics include: "Being a liberal/I have my cause and it starts here."


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    Caleb Bonham

    Caleb Bonham

    Editor-in-chief Emeritus
    Caleb Bonham is the former editor-in-chief of Campus Reform. Named a Red Alert Politics "30 Under 30," Caleb is a frequent guest on the Fox News Channel and host of the award nominated YouTube series, The Caleb Bonham Show. Caleb's work has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, TIME Magazine, MSNBC and The Blaze. Caleb is a proud graduate of Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.
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