Students heckle police during Ferguson-inspired Black Friday protests

  • Hampshire College students disrupted shoppers at local malls, a Wal-Mart, and a Target over the Thanksgiving weekend.
  • The students, led by Decolonize the Media Collective, were protesting the recent grand jury decision in Ferguson, Mo.

“No justice, no peace; no racist ass police,” chanted Hampshire College students and members of surrounding colleges as they stormed local Massachusetts stores over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

The students, protesting the recent grand jury decision in Ferguson, Mo., were led by Decolonize the Media Collective, a Hampshire College student organization “dedicated to promoting domestic and international social justice struggles through media”.

"No justice, no peace. No racist ass police."   

Students protested at a number of stores on Black Friday in Western Massachusetts including two area malls, Wal-Mart, and Target. When DMC reached the Wal-Mart in Chicopee, the student group joined another group of protesters advocating for a raised minimum wage.

After DMC members stormed the store with their hands in the air, the tone of the 350-person protest shifted from labor fairness to social justice. When protesters continued to disrupt the store, the Wal-Mart store manager called Chicopee law enforcement to remove the protesters. The protesters remained and then continued to heckle officers outside the store, according to video footage of the protests.

"Did you celebrate Thanksgiving yesterday? Was you with your family?" one protester said in the video while pointing in a police officer's face. "Did you put an empty chair there for the people who have been lost from police brutality?"

DMC declined to comment to Campus Reform at the time of publication.

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