Bloomberg anti-gun group funds 'Covering Gun Violence' workshop for Ivy League journalists

  • Columbia University is offering student journalists the chance to go to Arizona for a "Covering Gun Violence" workshop.
  • The workshop is put on through funds from Michael Blooomberg's Everytown for Gun Violence group.
  • Everytown endorses candidates who support gun bans and advocate for stricter gun control throughout the country.

Columbia University is offering its student journalists a chance to attend a workshop on covering gun violence funded by an anti-gun organization.

Students accepted into the prestigious Columbia School of Journalism have the opportunity to be flown to Phoenix, Ariz., for a two day workshop by the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma, a project of the university.

The two-day workshop, “Covering Gun Violence,” is aimed at allowing budding journalists to expand their knowledge of “guns and gun violence, and the implications of public policies like background check requirements,” according to the center's website.

Attendees may attend expert briefings and learn specialized skills to “enhance the practical ability of journalists to report on guns and gun violence knowledgeably, ethically and effectively.”

However, the workshop is funded by Everytown for Gun Safety, the group backed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and headed by one of his former aides. Everytown advocates for strict gun control throughout the country and endorses political candidates who support gun bans. One of its recent projects is the  “Groceries not Guns” petition to prohibit open-carry in Kroger stores.

On the workshop’s website, The Dart Center cites a generous grant from the group that made the workshop possible. According to the Sarasota Herald-TribuneEverytown gave the center $48,000 for the workshop. 

The center is also offering a $350 travel stipend to students.  

According to an editorial in the New York Daily News by CNN reporter S.E. Cupp, the group is also known for repeatedly inflating statistics on gun crime.

The workshop will be held in April and is open to current graduate students and current journalists.

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