Shrine to Mass Murderer 'Che' Guevara found in College's Christ Chapel

Che Guevara was a radical communist and mass murderer.  Thousands of men, women, and children died at his hands. Millions of others were forced into the iron fist of communist tyranny as a result of his "revolutionary" efforts throughout Latin America.

Many colleges celebrate "No More Che Day" to remember the fact that Che is no longer here to terrorize innocent people.

So I was shocked when I recieved a tip-off that there was a shrine set-up in Christ Chapel at Gustavus Adolphus College that featured this terrorist. 

I was able to get a picture of it before it was taken down.  The evidence of this desecration is below.

What is your opinion about having a shrine to Che Guevara in a Christian, Lutheran chapel?

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