Anti-gun violence activists hang 'bloody' t-shirts at Emmanuel College

  • Anonymous students hung “bloody” child-sized tee shirts around campus to protest gun violence.

An anonymous group of students at Emmanuel College in Boston protested gun violence this past March by hanging “bloody,” child-sized tee shirts around campus.

The group also posted large banners across campus that displayed gun violence statistics and quotes from victims of the Sandy Hook and the Aurora theater mass shootings. The group also created a blog called EC Stop Gun Violence, which displays pictures of the groups’ activism across Emmanuel’s campus.

On their blog, the students refer to themselves as artists trying to raise awareness about the “epidemic of gun violence in the United States.”

According to an anonymous email sent by the group to the Emmanuel College newspaper, The Hub, the group seeks to highlight gun violence as an issue “we as a society have become normalized to”.

Many students reportedly thought the campaign was initially related to the school’s annual Dance Marathon, one of the biggest events held on campus each year. The artists explained to the Hub that the campaign was preplanned and unrelated.

The tee shirts, posters, and other activism materials were taken down for the event.

In 2007, an Emmanuel College professor was dismissed from the college because of his lecture on gun violence in relation to the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre. According to an article in the Boston Globe, former Emmanuel Professor Nicholas Winset was let go after he gave a lecture on the use of firearms for protection against gun violence, namely the possibility that gunmen can be stopped via gun violence if victims are armed.

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