Report: Democrats receive vast majority of Harvard political donations

  • A new report by the Harvard Crimson, the university's newspaper, shows that 84 percent of political contributions from the university go to Democrats.
  • Half of Harvard's ten schools gave no money to Republican causes.

Between 2011 and 2014, 84 percent of political contributions from Harvard faculty members went to Democrats, according to a new report.

The Harvard Crimson, the university’s newspaper, researched the federal campaign and PAC donations of 614 faculty members as they were available in Federal Election Commission filings.

"The only debate we get here is between the far-left...and the liberals. It gives students a view that a very narrow spectrum of opinion is the only way to think."   

According to the paper, “the Crimson analyzed the federal donations of contributors who reported Harvard University as their employer and were listed in Harvard directories and websites as professors, lecturers, fellows, associates, researchers, and scientists, as well as visiting fellows and professors.”

Administrators were not included.

Donations from Harvard faculty to Democrats reached nearly $2.5 million in this time period. Republicans received just over $400,000 in the same years.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) donated 96 percent of their money to Democrats. FAS Dean Michael D. Smith told the Crimson that he is “amazed” by how high the number was.

About 86 percent of donations from Harvard’s prestigious Kennedy School of Government went to Democrats as well.

Members of the Harvard Business School were slightly more generous towards Republicans than their colleagues, but even those faculty, researchers, and instructors donated 62 percent of their contributions to Democrats. Republicans only earned around 37 percent of their funds.

In fact, faculty in five out of Harvard’s ten schools, including the Divinity School and the School of Education, donated absolutely no money to Republican efforts whatsoever.

The Obama Victory Fund and Obama for America were the two largest beneficiaries of Harvard faculty donations. They were followed by donations to Elizabeth Warren’s 2012 Senate campaign.

“The data supports the commonly held belief that Harvard’s professoriate is largely liberal, raising questions about the ideological diversity of the faculty and what impact that may have on teaching and research,” the Crimson remarked.

“The only debate we get here is between the far-left...and the liberals,” Harvard government professor Harvey Mansfield told the Crimson. “It gives students a view that a very narrow spectrum of opinion is the only way to think.”

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